Conditions of use of photos

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

All the conditions are governed by the legal notices and the GTC but this article summarizes the spirit.

Prior agreement required
No text or photo may be used without prior agreement, in application of the Intellectual Property Code.

User permissions

No photo can be used on the internet, except in a collaborative framework, or to present my work. The same goes for texts, but my position is more flexible, and I often grant permissions.

Outside the internet, free or paid authorization (transfer of rights) is granted unless I disagree with the intended use.

Types of uses

Private use is free: you can send photos to your friends. Please note that a mailing list is not considered private.

Printing at home is possible but the file definition is low. If you fancy a photo at home, why not order it?

Commercial use is chargeable.

Collaborative use is on a case-by-case basis, depending on the project, and by written agreement. In some cases, collaborative use can be commercial (mutual interest).

Read before any request
> Legal notices
> General conditions of sale (GTC) (for paid use)
> Hack
, a legal section of my author blog

* Increase for use without prior agreement, whatever the use including on a blog
• 250 € for unauthorized use,
• 250 € for the absence of credit next to the image (mention “” with active link),
• 500 € for a crop which eliminates copyright.

Asking for permission, isn't that the most basic courtesy?

Note: these increases in no way exclude the normal billing of use and the possibility of legal proceedings in the event of characterized abuse or bad faith.