Experimental: UV source

There is order in Chaos

"I have long considered fluorescent to be a kitsch thing, a Halloween trick, often in bad taste.
This stopped the day I tried to understand the phenomenon.

I reconsidered it, it was a wave phenomenon, a phenomenon of quantum mechanics.
A fluorescent universe does not need "light" to illuminate a scene, it is the matter that takes care of it.

The source in this case, excites the material which by absorption of a photon will spontaneously emit one of lower energy, in other words of greater wavelength. Also the "possible" colors do not depend on the quality of the source (which is the case in the common world). The spectrum resulting from the fluorescent phenomenon is in some way in wave resonance with the very structure of the atom. In harmony. Not all colors are possible, the spectrum is quantized. And there it becomes interesting… "

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