Here I have nothing to offer you. It's up to your good
I happen to need it.
Even though the impressions are deceptive, that you feel like all is well with me , and well in reality all is not well.
The reason?
Do you buy photos of them?
Do you pay for photos? of course not and you are right.

Today everyone is equipped with a camera with filters and AI in all directions.
Besides, I'm not going to tell you that it's not a pleasure to shoot.

It is a good thing, it is like that the evolution but the change was a little brutal and it became very difficult to live from it, if not impossible.
Besides the
necessary material investment, photography requires a lot of work, a lot of time, a lot of disk space, a lot of space in the luggage ... Over a lifetime the investment is colossal.
I love to take pictures, I started out of love, out of passion. No one asked me to do this and I am responsible for my situation . I fully assume it. I wish I could continue but if I'm like I just pretend "responsible" at some point, it is to make decisions and can stop all this but I refuse. I have already sacrificed enough to photography to stop myself now. Today I try to live by selling my prints and my services. The Blog is expected to be monetized from November 2021, so far it will remain free .
If you would like to help me extend this activity and encourage me to take photos, your donations are welcome.

Thank you